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Eniredis and Thorin in Imladris - Commission For lizzieoakenshield

Portent Illustration for Lizzieoakenshield again. It is always a pleasure. The fanfic this illustrates can be found here:   In case you were wondering, the creature on the harp is a common kestrel <3 Enjoy ~

Click for full view. Which is obviously nicer. I’d apologize for watermarks, but you understand why they are there, I am certain :3

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Fili and Kili Prawn - Because I wanted to

I Started working on this around Christmas time. ((see sketch above))Then I had major surgery and that went right out the window. I’ve been taking commissions like crazy to pay off my bill, and so of course I don’t have time to do anything just for myself of late. But! I have had a few minutes here and there, so I’ve been picking away at this. Obviously, it still needs a few … hours of work. But for those who have been getting impatient … have A. Some Durincest. B. Some prawn. <3 Sometimes I draw cute stuff. Sometimes I draw mansex. It is what it is. Please to be noting I have tagged this as NSFW and as Durincest for your blacklisting pleasure. <3 Enjoy a WIP <3 -skitters off-

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ps: Epic Smiley is not mine, and is just being used to cover up some dwarf goodies. It will not be part of the final image. If you want to know about the history of epic smiley, you can find it here:

AU YURI ThorinXOC - Commission For Lizzieoakenshield
In an AU fanfic: Thorin is born female and her true gender is hidden to protect her life. She must come to terms with herself, her true gender, where she stands among her people, and with her own heart. This is an illustration for the fiction. You can read it on Ao3 or

Full view is best. Thanks.

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Song of Stars - Chapter 13

[Title:] Song of Stars
[Author:] Jadedsilk:
[Fandom:] The Hobbit/Silmarillion
[Pairing:] ElrondxCelebrain, ElrondxLindir, ElrondxThranduil? ErestorxGlorfindel
[Rating:] Angst, H/C. Yaoi. Fluff.  Just assume that something in here will offend someone. Read at your own discretion. I will be dealing with mature topics, so I will mark this fiction NC17 now, and get it over with.
[Description:] Elrond begins to fade to his grief. Who will heal the healer? A story of things lost, and found.
[Warning:] I am not perfect, and not interested in hearing about how I am not. My headcanon need not be yours. Please just respect mine. If you enjoy this fan fiction, a like or a reblog is appreciated. This was written for myself, and shared with you. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, I ask that you remain courteous and go find something else you do. I promise I won’t be upset. ^_^  Encouragement is always welcome, and does usually get another chapter out sooner.
[Previous Chapters:]
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Chapter Thirteen:

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