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Just some vacation photos. Something to prove I am still alive, other than the gratuitous “I got my hairs cut” selfie. I am really sunburned and covered in mosquito bites … so I’m going to go to bed now. Considering I measure a good time in nature damage, I had a hell of a good time. I just wanted to share these with you. They are my photos. They are copyright to me. Please don’t use them, steal them, reference them or repost them.

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Fili and Kili Prawn - Because I wanted to

I started working on this around Christmas time. Then I had major surgery and completing this went right out the window. I’ve finally finished it. <3 Sometimes I draw cute stuff. Sometimes I draw mansex. It is what it is. Please to be noting I have tagged this as NSFW and as Durincest for your blacklisting pleasure. <3 Enjoy! -skitters off-

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For the record, (artists tidbit :D) there are 162 layers making up this painting :D

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